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The Happy Negro Podcast

Jan 2, 2018

Welcome to 2018! This is our 10th episode and the FIRST one for the new year. We welcome our dear friend who is the accomplished playwright, dancer and actor Robert Henry Johnson to our show this week.The son of jazz singer Lady Mem'fis and guitarist Robert Gonzales, he was one of the first students to graduate from San Francisco's School of the Performing Arts. He attended the San Francisco Ballet School on full scholarship. In addition to founding the Robert Henry Johnson Dance Company in 1993, Johnson has created works for Oakland BalletBavarian State Opera BalletOregon Ballet Theater and others. 

Robert and I have been friends and colleagues for a long time and it was amazing to speak with him. You will also hear my lovely partner in crime, jennifer and I wrap up the year's rose, thorn and bud. We hope all of you have an amazing year!

- The Happy Negro